Why Newco Concrete Flooring

The advantages of concrete flooring over timber upper floors


  • No Wastage – timber floors have approximately 25% wastage due to twisted timber and strinkage etc.
  • Concrete offer superior sound insulation
  • Concrete floors reduce sound transmission to a minimum. No creaking timbers!
  • Under Floor Heating is far more efficient with a concrete floo
  • An average sized first floor is completed in concrete in 1 Day, giving an immediate working platform
  • Timber first floors require the expense of purchasing temporary plywood, to board out the joists, which is eliminated with concrete
  • Timber first floors are exposed to the elements, following installation and once roof covering is on the timber will suffer severe shrinkage. Concrete floors are not affected by the elements.
  • The depth of our floor units suits brickwork coursing
  • Block partitions can be constructed off first floor concrete, thus helping in sound efficiency and eliminating any stud partitions
  • Greater spans are achievable with concrete, without going to greater depths and without the need for any additional supports.

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