Newco Concrete – Self Build Industry


Newco Concrete are specialists in Beam & Block flooring for the ‘Self Build Industry’ throughout the country.


A Company that offers quality, service, professional advise, design, honesty, competitive prices, in fact, the complete package that would assist the self-builder.


Newco Concrete developed a system of open and honest quotations, which detail and enclose all information regarding the design of the floor. We were the first flooring company to offer full design layout drawings with every quotation. The drawing provided clearly indicates the quantities of materials required, along with the design loadings for the finishes.


Although some of our competitors are following suit, we are aware that many assume the bare minimum for “imposed and dead loadings” when designing floors. This may not be disclosed or made clear within their quotations and may cause much confusion when comparing Beam & Block quotations.


In light of this we have produced a Self Build Policy Statement and Quotation check list to assist in comparing / analysing / choosing your beam and block supplier.


View our self build policy


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