Newco Concrete glossary of Terms

  • Newco Concrete Prestressed Beams – 150mm or 225mm deep prestressed concrete inverted ‘T’ beams manufactured in ‘cast in situ moulds’ and containing 5mm or 7mm prestressed wires
  • Infill Blocks – The block infill laid flat between the concrete beams
  • Load Span Table – Table which determines the spans achievable, based on the loadings required, and the layout required for the floor beam centres
  • Screed – 65mm minimum cement & screed finish to the beams. (Normally carried out at ‘finish’ stage of construction, by your plastering contractor)
  • Super Imposed Loadings – The standard weight imposed onto a floor to be designed in, for its specific usage e.g. domestic dwelling is 1.50KN/m²
  • Dead Loadings – A fixed weight applied to a floor imposing a permanent load e.g. insulation & screed
  • 440 – a 440 x 215 x 100mm Deep Infill Block Laid to Its Full Length
  • 215 – a 440 x 215 x 100mm Deep Infill Block Laid to its width
  • Other Dimension = an Infill Block Cut To Size Shown
  • Black Single Line On Drawing Is The Centre Line of 1No. Beam
  • Dotted Line is the First Beam Laid In The Bay


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