Newco Concrete Self Build Policy

  • To design floors as if they were our own!
  • Not to scrimp on design i.e. not to allow the minimum number of beams merely to win an order.
  • Allow beams at ends of each room (wherever possible). Bearing in mind the more beams in a room the better the floor.
  • Design the floor with use of solid dense blocks not the lightest available. This will give a better designed floor allowing for the heaviest potential loading. (If a floor is designed this way any lighter blocks used would provide a better ‘over designed’ floor. However if the design was based on lightweight blocks and then heavier blocks used on site the floor would be under designed.
  • Not to push the beam design to its limit. ie. if a beam span is very near its limit on the layout condition shown in the ‘load span table’ we would use the next layout condition (i.e. more beams) in order to ensure the floor was not on its design limits.
  • Allow for the loading imposed by a minimum thickness of floor screed of 65mm.
  • Not to provide springy / bouncy floors, – this is aided by our design as listed above. Stretching / pushing the design of the floor will lead to a bouncy floor.
  • Return quotation as high priority, normally within a couple of days, but no longer than 10 working days in busy periods.
  • We will be available at the end of the phone for any self build enquiries, whether it be construction advise at your design stage or finalising order details. Remember if we are involved at design stage we will probably save on your foundation design. Less foundations will mean less costs!
  • Price schemes competitively but realistically! Remember a beam and block floor is a structural part of your dwelling. Detrimental design will affect the quality of your house. Once construction of your dwelling is complete, remedial works to the structural floor are nigh on impossible.


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