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Newco Concrete Beam & Block

The following load span tables are for guidance only.


They include the self-weight of the floor and an assumed standard finish of a 75mm Insulation Layer finished with a 65mm Cement and Sand Screed, and are based on the use of Solid Dense Concrete In-fill Blocks with an average Density of 1900kg/m³.


The examples do not include the weight of any partitions or ceilings, which would require our specific design.


Double or treble beam layouts are not shown in the tables, but can be utilised if required to accommodate larger loading conditions. Please contact our technical office for more details.


As our design Service is free we recommend that you let us do the design for you!


Information Simply choose your required loading then follow the row across to the column which shows the maximum span required. The heading at the top of this row then indicates the depth of Wideslab unit required.

Our technical experts can advise you on the most efficient design and send you a free quotation


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